About this Location

Middletown Works is located in Southwest Ohio, midway between Cincinnati and Dayton. The facility is an integrated steel operation with carbon steel melting, casting, hot- and cold-rolling and finishing operations. Middletown Works’ hot strip mill is equipped with pair-cross rolling technology for improved shape and crown control.

Production Facilities
  • Coke ovens
  • Blast furnace
  • Basic oxygen furnaces
  • Composition adjustment by sealed argon bubbling – oxygen blowing (CAS-O.B.)
  • RH vacuum degasser
  • Dual-strand slab caster
  • Hot strip mill
  • Pickling lines
  • Five-stand cold mill
  • Electrogalvanizing line
  • Hot-dip carbon and stainless aluminizing line
  • Hot-dip galvanizing line
  • Box annealing furnaces
  • Temper mills
  • Open coil annealing

Carbon steels from Middletown Works include:

  • Hot-rolled and Cold-rolled Carbon Steels provide excellent press formability, surface finish, flatness, and thickness tolerances, and meet the strictest chemistry requirements in the market today.
  • Enameling Steels (UNIVIT®, VIT-PLUS®, and I-F Enameling Steel) provide characteristics including formability, surface finish, gauge, and flatness tolerances for enameling.
  • Aluminized Carbon and Stainless Steels offer formability plus corrosion and heat resistance for high-temperature applications. ULTRALUME® and other Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) are also produced at Middletown Works.
Markets Served
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Heating
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Culvert
  • Distribution
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Middletown Works has earned IATF 16949, ISO9001, and Ford Q1 Quality Certification. The plant is also a recipient of several customer quality awards, including “GM's Supplier of the Year” Award, “Ford's Gold World Excellence Award” and Toyota's “Superior Quality and Delivery Award.”