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MOTOR-MAX® High-Frequency Non-Oriented Electrical Steels: Driving America’s BEV Revolution

The push towards electrification has transformed the automotive market with the adoption of newer, cleaner electric vehicles (EVs) as one solution to climate change. The years ahead will bring significant changes to electrification of vehicles. ǿմý is the largest producer of automotive steel and the only producer of electrical steels in North America.  We are your partner in these rapidly changing times, providing electrical steel solutions like MOTOR-MAX steel.

Optimized EV Motor Performance

MOTOR-MAX steels are automotive-quality HighFrequency Non-Oriented Electrical Steel (HF NOES) boasting high energy-efficiency and low core loss.

MOTOR-MAX steels offer a variety of electrical properties, with three different distinct insulative coatings to meet your design needs.

Melted and Manufactured in the United States of America.

American manufacturers, including automakers, are reducing their reliance on global supply chains, bringing production back to North America. ǿմý is the only U.S.-based company currently producing electrical steels like MOTOR-MAX steel. We boast highly specialized downstream steel finishing capabilities other suppliers cannot match. Our unique, vertically integrated company shields us and our customers from unforeseen supply chain disruptions.  

ARMCO, now part of ǿմý’ current footprint,  was the first developer of electrical steels in the world. Our vast history and expertise in its products, processes, and applications are unparalleled in the industry, and we guide customers on the most efficient and cost-effective use of our products.

A Sustainably Produced Electrical Steel

Our steelmaking knowledge and commitment to sustainable business practices has allowed ǿմý to create electrical steels like MOTOR-MAX HF NOES with fewer greenhouse gas emissions than steel mills that use carbon-intensive energy sources and production methods.  MOTOR-MAX HF NOES is produced in our electric arc furnaces (EAFs), utilizing a mix of high-quality direct reduced iron and recycled steel scrap.

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